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The Blue Line
(Formerly the Blue Book)
Your GWTA Touring Services Directory

What is The Blue Line?
The Blue Line is a 24/7 toll free phone number given to our GWTA members for access to member-provided touring services.

Is the Blue Line replacing the Blue Book and if so, why?
Yes it is, and for a number of good reasons. The Blue Line is less likely to be left at home on the shelf when needed, can be updated much more frequently and is available to our new members immediately. The Blue Line will provide everything the Blue Book did and is available to everyone on your family membership no matter where they are or what vehicle they may be traveling in. It should also be less costly because the association will be charged for actual usage of the service. The Blue Book was printed and mailed to every membership of which only a small number ever used or even opened the book (except to check their own name!).

What does the Blue Line provide?
The operator answering a call has access to a directory of GWTA members who have chosen to provide services to fellow members who may be touring in their area. Those services can be one or more of the following:

  A.   Bike/Trailer Pick Up
  B.   Phone Calls
  C.   Tent Space
  D.   Lodging
  E.   Tools

What else is in this directory?
The only information the operator has available in the directory are member names, membership numbers, cities, phone numbers and services they have chosen to provide. Note: Membership numbers are not given out, only used to verify that the caller is a current member. The operator is not a GWTA member and can give you no information other than what is in the directory.

What is the Blue Line phone number?
1-866-654-WING (9464)

How often is this directory updated?
Up to six times per year.

Can non-members use the service?
The Blue Line is open only to GWTA members. Members must provide their name and membership number to use the service.

Is a printed version available?
Yes! We have made available to GWTA members the ability to access PDF documents that can be opened on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader® (a free program) and printed using your printer.

Fill out and submit the form below to receive a username and password that is required to access and print selections of the Blue Line Directory or the entire directory. Note: The Blue Line directory is stored on a password protected site.


Member #
Email Address

After the form is received, the GWTA Office will send (within 72 hours) an email with the username and password to the address you entered into the form. Bad address equals no response. Make sure you've typed your e-mail address correctly.  GWTA Webmaster

I have the username and password.
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