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GWTA Facts:

Why is it important that we recruit new members, promote Gold Rush and Camp Wing Tyme, and sell bike raffle tickets?
Answer: These are your association's major income streams. Let's review some facts.

Fact 1: Membership numbers of social and service organizations have decreased steadily over the past few years and GWTA is no exception.

Fact 2: The cost of serving our chapters, states/provinces and regions has risen.

What are the costs of serving association needs?

  1. Providing liability insurance for our chapters, states/provinces, and regions for the fun activities and functions we all enjoy. These would not be possible without insurance. Insurance costs have risen dramatically, especially in Canada.

  2. Funding the production and mailing of Touring News. Advertising offsets some of the cost, but advertisers ask two questions, “How many readers?” and “How much for an ad?”  Fewer memberships (readers) mean fewer advertisers are interested in advertising and the less we can charge for ad space. Postage costs are a huge factor and they continue to rise.

  3. Covering the costs of basic member services through our office. Look at your household expenses and you'll have an idea of how basic costs have increased for our office.

  4. Covering the cost of a mandatory yearly meeting of the GWTA Board of Directors.

 These are the four major expenses at the association level.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the first objective of our association rallies is to provide a fun time for members and give them an opportunity to tour North America. Secondly, to cover the expenses of the rally, and third is to use any profits to help cover annual association expenses serving our chapters and membership.

If our membership numbers are declining and attendance at Gold Rush is less and we're selling fewer bike tickets, then it's safe to say our revenue is also dropping. Imagine if your household incomes were to drop considerably and your savings were low or nonexistent. We are facing some tough choices and need your help. Membership dues alone will not cover basic needs of our members, chapters, and our association, even after the only dues increase in association history a few years ago. We MUST recruit new members and bring back members who were lost. The health and future of our chapters depend on recruiting new members. We must also enthusiastically promote Gold Rush and Camp Wing Tyme and encourage the sale of bike raffle tickets. GWTA belongs to all of us and we all share in the responsibility of growing it and keeping it healthy. Let's all do our part to keep GWTA alive and well so the fun and friendship can continue for many years to come.

Another important reason to keep GWTA healthy and growing is all the great work we do supporting various charities; there are many, both locally and across North America. As long as there is a healthy GWTA, we'll continue to do good deeds in our communities.

Thanks for supporting YOUR GWTA.



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