The Director's Desk


Introduction Format

 Board of Directors

  • Chairman of the Board

  • Board Representatives Region A thru K

  • Life Founder Representative

  • Legal Representative

  • Financial Advisor

 National Officers

  • Executive Director

  • Assistant to Executive Director

  • Executive Secretary

  • GWTA Membership Office

  • GWTA Business Office

  • GWTA Touring News Editor

  • National Events Coordinator

  • National Vendor Coordinator

  • Webmaster

  • Rider Education Director

  • Education & Retention Director

  • Helping Hands Director


  • Region Director

  • Assistant Region Director

  • Region Staff


  • State Director

  • Assistant State Director

  • State Staff


  • Chapter Director

  • Assistant Chapter Director

  • Chapter Staff

 Guests of members

 New members 3 months or less

 Prospective members (people who are not guests of members present)

 Officers of other motorcycle organizations

 Community Officers (Mayor, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)

 Community Service Groups


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