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The Membership Roster is the blue book on the desk.  This is sent to our officers monthly and contains a listing of members within the officer’s area of responsibility. Listings of immediately expired members, unaffiliated members and members expiring within the next month are also included in this information. 

The roster information is sent from the membership services office to the region directors.  It is their responsibility to ensure that pertinent information is distributed to state/provincial directors in their region within five days of receipt. The information should be reviewed and evaluated for gains or losses within the region. State/provincial directors of chapters with large or continuous losses should be contacted to identify problem areas and offer advice and assistance. 

State/provincial directors have a responsibility to forward the information to chapter directors under their jurisdiction immediately upon receipt from the region director.  State/provincial directors must review and evaluate gains or losses pertinent to their areas of responsibility and contact chapter directors with large or continuous losses to identify problem areas and offer advice and assistance. 

The chapter director should review and evaluate membership printouts immediately upon receipt and take proper action. In the event there is a membership chairman in the chapter, they would assume the following duties. If there is no membership chairman, the chapter director has the responsibility to accomplish the tasks:

  • Contact members on the expired listing and encourage them to renew. In instances where they do not wish to renew, find out what caused them to make such a decision and do all within your power to change their minds.
  • Review the membership printout of unaffiliated members. Contact those in your local area and invite them to join your chapter. 
  • Review printouts for upcoming membership expirations and remind those members to renew.
  • Convert single memberships into family memberships whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • Ensure roster information pertinent to their chapter is current. Distribute the information to chairpersons within the chapter as required.




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