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Membership Application

National Rally Registration Forms (PDF Format)

Other Documents (More forms at the bottom of this page)

GWTA Bylaws - Revised September 2010

New License Agreement for reproducing GWTA Logos and Marks
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The T.A. Way (A Manual of Guidelines for the Chapter Director)

Is your TA Way up-to-date? Click below and compare this latest Revision Date Table with your TA Way for out-dated pages and forms. The list order below is the entire manual contents from the first page to the last. The T.A. Way also available in web format.

Full Revision: 7-7-07
Section 1: 5-17-09
Section 3: 5-17-09

Full Version Download - 1.2 mb

Click here for printing instructions.

Section 4 (Forms and Applications for the Chapter Director)

Forms: Some forms are two-sided and most are interactive and can be filled out on screen, then printed ready to mail.

  1. Membership Application

  2. Officer Application

  3. Director's Request for Event Liability Coverage Form

  4. Request to Reproduce Logo and Trademarks Form (2 sided)

  5. License Agreement Application (2 sided)

  6. Rider Education Enrollment Form (2 sided)

  7. Helping Hands Application (2 sided)

  8. Helping Hands Contribution Forms

  9. Business Membership Application

  10. Chapter Annual Registration Form

  11. Chapter Director Evaluation Form (2 sided)

  12. Chapter Sign-in Sheet (Guest Book)

  13. New Member Welcome Letter #1

  14. New Member Welcome Letter #2

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