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Why should you join GWTA?

You might be thinking ĎI can enjoy riding alone, why do I need GWTA?í The answer is you donít. However, as our many thousands of members will tell you, riding is much more enjoyable with friends. We can introduce you to a lot of touring enthusiasts. Thatís our function, to bring people together who enjoy motorcycling.

We offer our members a wide variety of activities both on and off the motorcycle all year long.

While this is all great, the most valuable thing our members receive through their membership in GWTA is stated proudly in our motto, Destination Friendship. Ask any of our active members the one thing they enjoy most about GWTA and the response is nearly unanimous, itís the people theyíve met, the friends theyíve made.

If you examine your life to this point to find the things that brought you the most pleasure, it would be special friendships youíve had or still enjoy. In those friendships you will usually find a common bond or interest that held them together, something that kept you close. In GWTA you will meet lots of people who have one thing in common, a passion for motorcycling. When you decide to become actively involved, special friendships will be a byproduct of that involvement. The motorcycle brings us together and the friendships we make keep us together.

Why do we want you to join GWTA?

We want more friends. Sounds simplistic but itís true. In any business or organization the primary focus is the bottom line. We differ from most organizations because our bottom line is not preceded by a dollar sign. Our bottom line is friendships, fun, and freedom. Our success is measured by the number of members who experience growth in each category.

Who are we?

The Gold Wing Touring Association (GWTA) is an international not-for-profit organization of touring motorcyclists, predominantly Gold Wings but not exclusively. We identify ourselves with the Gold Wing but are neither affiliated with nor receive funding from the manufacturer. GWTA is owned and operated by its members.

What do we do?

Activities are planned at four levels, local (chapter), state/province, regional and national. Chapters have monthly breakfast or dinner meetings which are social and informational. Activities are planned such as long and short rides, camping or motel weekends, poker runs, dances, holiday get-togethers, dinner rides, neighboring chapter visitations, and much more. States, provinces and regions plan gatherings as well. Each summer we bring our members and friends together at a national gathering called Gold Rush. This events activities are planned to bring you maximum fun at a minimum cost.

We offer a rider education program that can prepare you for many years of safe riding.

We also involve ourselves in civic and charitable affairs, projecting a positive motorcycling image to the general public.

Do I have to own a Gold Wing to belong to GWTA?

No! GWTA welcomes our friends who ride touring motorcycles other than Gold Wings. These members (affiliates) have the same rights and privileges as Gold Wing owners, with the exception that they not hold office above state/provincial director. Non-motorcycle owners are also eligible under the affiliate program.

Am I required to wear a helmet when riding?

We highly recommend everyone wear an approved riding helmet but do not require one be worn. Most states/provinces have helmet laws.

How much are membership due?


1 Yr

2 Yrs

3 Yrs










What do I receive with my GWTA membership?

Membership includes:

  • 4-inch GWTA logo patch

  • membership card, decal and pin

  • Touring News magazine.

  • The Blue Line. (A toll free phone number if you should need assistance while touring.)

A family (household) membership receives one additional 4-inch GWTA logo patch, decal and pin. A membership card is issued to each family member listed. 

The Blue Line is a toll free number (24/7) you may call if you need assistance while touring. Tell the operators where you are
and the kind of assistance you need and they will give you names and phone numbers of fellow members nearby who may be able to assist you. Members helping members. You will also be able to access and print portions, or the entire Blue Line Directory, through the GWTA Web site. This service to many of our members is worth the cost of membership alone.

Touring News is a monthly publication for GWTA members and its contents are contributions from members. It is truly the membersí magazine and has evolved along with the associationís growth.

What is considered a family membership?

GWTA defines a family as a household of two adults and their unmarried children living at home, regardless of age.

Do all family members have the same rights and privileges?

Yes! Any family member can hold any office or position in GWTA as long as the requirements for that position are met.

Am I required to buy and wear a chapter uniform?

No! There are no mandatory dress codes in GWTA.

How active must I be to keep my membership?

Our members want you to know the more involved you are, the more fun youíre going to have. With that important message out of the way, your involvement is entirely up to you. We are aware of the demands on everyoneís time with work schedules and family activities. We know itís not possible to do everything offered. Itís a freedom issue and the choice is yours.

How do I find a chapter in my area?

The locator map on this Web site will give you locations of our chapters in your area or contact our GWTA office listed at the bottom of this page.

How are GWTA chapters operated and what do they do?

The most important elements of this association are members and chapters. The GWTA chapter director is elected by the members to carry out their wishes. Each chapter is molded to fit the needs and desires of the members.

We appreciate having the opportunity to explain the Gold Wing Touring Association to you and sincerely hope you will join our motorcycling family. If you would like to have more detailed information on the operations of our association we are eager to answer any questions. You will find contact information below for our office. We always encourage people to check us out before joining. We know youíll like what you see.

From all the members of the Gold Wing Touring Association
Thank You

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