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Preparing Your New Member Welcome Kit

Your new members will appreciate a “Welcome Kit”.  Using a tool like this will go a long way to making new members feel comfortable, know who to contact with questions, and will accelerate their ability to get involved with your Chapter.   

Your Welcome Kit does not have to be fancy.  Many chapters just use a group of important subjects stapled together with a colored sheet of paper (using chapter colors, of course) as the cover sheet.  Some chapters assemble the materials together in a folder with side leafs.  Some chapters use a 3-ring binder approach.  Like everything else in the GWTA, just do what works for you. 

As far as contents go, we recommend: 

You might also include: 

Having something is much better than nothing.  Try to remember when you joined, and what you might have wished to have to make the experience better.  Again, do what works for you and your Chapter. 

Download New Member Kit Zip File (800Kb)
(Has all of the above pdf files in either Word or Excel format)