Gold Wing Touring Association

Rider Education Program

The GWTA Rider Education Program will make your, and
your co-rider's riding experience safer and more enjoyable.

The GWTA Rider Education Program
and how it can be organized.

Improve your riding skills by studying
and applying the lessons below.

  1. The Purpose of the GWTA Rider Ed. Program
  2. Rider Education Levels
  3. Rider Ed. Enrollment Application
  4. Chapter Rider Education Director
  5. State/Provincial Rider Education Director
  6. Regional Rider Education Director
  7. Suggested Pre-Ride Meeting Agenda
  8. Task Assignment and Communications Chart
  1. Ten Practice Riding Drills - Sharpen Your Skills
  2. Group Riding Guide
  3. Mountain Riding Seminar: Class Review
  4. Rider Level I Knowledge Test
  5. Co-Rider Seminar: Qualifying
  6. Co-Rider Level I: Test
  7. Trike/Sidecar Rider Level I Knowledge Test


For more information about the GWTA Rider Education Program Contact:
Doug & Lori Green
181 Alta Dr.
La Selva Beach, CA 95076

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