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Need some help getting started with your website, or just need to find new stuff?
Below should get you on the right track, and see some cool tools.


Page Layout

  • Use tables (& cells) to keep your text and images aligned.
  • Frames are not recommended, because some browsers do not display frames correctly and they are hard to get search hits.
  • Use fixed width to keep the exact look you want, or.
  • Use percent width to help fill browser screens.

Sizes (page, images, etc)

You want to keep the page a reasonable size so all will have the chance to view it. It is recommended to design the website at a display resolution of 800x600. Or, keep the width of your viewing area approx 550 pixels wide.

  • Try to keep the images no larger than 50k (sometimes it can't be avoided)
  • Use animations sparingly

Image file formats for the web

  • jpg - Over a million colors are used in this format. It is recommended to use this when color resilience and tones are important
  • gif - Since this format only uses 256 colors, it should be used for simple images, such as buttons and images that are just a few colors.
  • Image Tip - Do not resize an image within the web page. Even though the image displays smaller, the size remains the same. And, the image will have increased distortion. It is recommended to resize the image for the proper fit prior to inserting it into your page.


You must use basic common fonts. If you use a unique font, you risk others that view your site not having that font to view it correctly. It is recommended to use the web page default font. If you need to use a different font, do not use more than 3 different fonts on each page. If you need to use special fonts, place them into an image.



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Web Development



Digital Camera Reviews
If you're looking for a digital camera, this is a great place to start - Enjoy !


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